Pediatric Surgery

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Eliminate Never Events
SafeStart is designed to eliminate Never Events through accurate and vetted information to eliminate wrong patient, wrong procedure, and wrong site operations.
  • Reduction of patient payouts for Never Events
  • Reduction in internal investigation time for Never Events
  • Reduction in malpractice premiums due to Never Events
  • Patient participation in liability sharing by signing off on surgical checklists
Patient Engagement
SafeStart includes the patients and their families in the safety process through outreach to allow the patients to review their safety information and become part of the safety process.
  • Include surgery patients and their families in the hospital safety process
  • Enhance the hospital brand of safety
  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
Culture of Safety
SafeStart with its introduction across the provider workflow of the office, the patient experience, and the OR, will create a top-of-mind focus on safety enhancing a hospital's brand as safety conscious.
  • Embed and strengthen a focus on safety by clinical and office personnel
  • Extend Culture of Safety to external hospital communications
  • Leverage Culture of Safety to external marketing and branding
Staff Satisfaction
SafeStart eliminates delays in the Operating Room thus reducing the amount of wasted waiting time for surgeons and nurses in the Operating Room. Also, reducing the amount of Never Events will improve staff morale.
  • Improved staff satisfaction scores
  • Help reduce staff turnover reducing recruiting expense
  • Help recruit clinicians through the enhanced safety leadership position
SafeStart can drive HCAHP scores. CMS has moved to mandatory patient satisfaction surveys. SafeStart provides patients with safety information and participation in the surgical safety process that will improve HCAHPS scores.
  • Leverage hospital or facility investment in EMRs
  • Drive patient portal registrations
  • Drive ongoing patient portal usage
  • Help drive achievement of HCAHPS goals
Operating Room Throughput
SafeStart provides enhanced patient safety data and information that prevents delays and cancellations in the Operating Room allowing better Operating Room schedule continuity, throughput, and efficiency.
  • Elimination of delays
  • Elimination of cancellations
  • Increased capacity of the Operating Rooms
  • Improvement of Operating Room schedule continuity
  • Reduction in overtime expense due to reduction of Operating Room delays

SafeStart works with or without an EMR